Sarah's Studio Pen

Sarah's Studio Pen

  • Medium Fountain Pen

  • Brass + Walnut with chamfered ends

  • black ink cartridges, rollerball attachment + felt tip refill

  • 275 + £5.95


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Each pen comes with a Tom's Studio handmade leather pen sleeve, the perfect place to keep your pen when you're not using it and take it on your travels.

Each pen is approx 15cm long, 14mm at its widest point and a reassuring 50g - 60g in weight. Designed to be used without posting the cap when writing. The balance is perfectly placed between your fingers and the webbing of your hand.

The brass of the pen will age naturally patina over time, you can choose to keep this or polish it up to it's gleaming best. To keep your pen in tip top condition please visit my pen care page .  Marble pens aren't shatterproof so please take care not to drop them.