Seeing his calligrapher wife, Gemma Milly, use a mass-produced calligraphy pen inspired Tom Gyr to craft a collection of pens that matched the high quality of her work. Using a 60-year-old engineering lathe, he now makes pens for some of the world’s best calligraphers and stationery brands. The majority of the materials Tom uses are manufacturing by-products, sustainable native timbers or hand-cast eco-resins. it's incredibly important to him to create as little waste as possible whilst making products that are dependably long lasting, in his mission to craft writing instruments you can feel proud of using everyday, and not just because they look good.



I've worked with Solidwool to design to create this completely unique Studio Pen and to showcase what's possible using this amazingly tactile material. Solidwool Is a new way of working with wool. It is a beautiful and unique composite material repurposing the stunning black wool from native Herdwick sheep. Think fibreglass, but with wool. Solidwool's focus on sustainability resonated with my own values as a designer, made from eco-resin and the renewable resource that is wool, it's a perfectly sustainable product.  To make the pen I fit solid brass components and hand turn, polish and burnish the dark black Solidwool on my 60 year old myford engineering lathe. Like my other Studio Pens it has 5 pen types in one beautifully weighted and turned body, it's been designed to be the only pen you'll ever need to own.  (solidwool.com)



‘Shipwreck’ is a collection of three screenprints inspired by beachcombing - exploring the rhythm, colour and shapes of the natural and man-made objects washed up on the shores of the Scottish seaside.  I've admired Tom Pigeon and their stunning designs for a long time and saw their colourful prints as an opportunity to explore and push the limits of my hand cast resins.  Each Tom's Studio x Tom Pigeon pen is a completely unique interpretation of their prints. By taking a two dimensional artwork and turning it into a three dimensional product, it blurs the lines between art and craft and as a result is unlike any other pen you'll ever use. Like my other Studio Pens it has 5 pen types in one beautifully weighted and turned body, it's been designed to be the only pen you'll ever need to own. (tompigeon.com)


After reading that 1.6 billion disposable pens are thrown away each year in the US alone, Tom was inspired to design a more environmentally conscious pen as a response to this waste. Launching exclusively at London Design Fair, Tom’s new product, ‘The Studio Pen’,  incorporates an interchangeable fountain, rollerball, brush, fineliner and calligraphy nib all in one beautifully weighted and crafted body.  It‘s designed to be the only pen you will ever need to own. 



Lovingly crafted by Tom.  He makes each of his pens in his studio by the sea, each one is made from solid copper or brass, hand turned, sanded and finished on his 60 year old Myford engineering lathe. Tried and tested by the world’s most celebrated calligraphers Tom’s Studio holders will inspire lettering artists to do their best work and give them the best tool to do it.

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