- NEW SEASON - Seaglass and Blush Holders

- NEW SEASON - Seaglass and Blush Holders

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Celebrate the coming of a new year with two new designs for 2017.  Inspired by the beautiful beaches of Dorset (where I live in the UK) and the reflections on the sea at dawn my Brass + Seaglass Corian holder has a calm and timeless feel.

I designed the Blush Corian and copper holder to give people using it a fresh, energetic feeling.  It's certainly a tool you'll love using again and again!

My nib holders have a perfect balance in the hand and a lovely reassuring weight.  With a precisely fitted brass flange this holder will make your calligraphy feel effortless.

Lovingly crafted by Tom.  I handmake all of my pens in my studio by the sea, each one is made from solid copper or brass, hand turned, sanded and finished on a 60 year old Myford engineering lathe.

Choose between a flange to fit your favourite nib/s or a bullock flange to fit almost every nib (£17.50 added at checkout).

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With a bit of TLC your nib holder should last a very, very long time.  The metal on the holder has been waxed to reduce oxidisation. Over time the metal will age naturally, developing a richer, darker tone. You can choose to embrace this patina or to return it to it’s gleaming best  by dampening and using a little dish soap on the supplied polishing cloth and buffing until super shiny again!