Walnut Calligraphy Pen

Walnut Calligraphy Pen

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A tool to be proud of!  I design holders that I hope will inspire you to do your best work.

I've refined and my holder design to be a writing experience like no other. The sculptural quality of the tail, isn't just for show, it creates a superb balance and feel in the hand.

English Walnut is a beautiful dark timber, I’ve lacquered 18 times it has stunning lustred and protective finish .

Lovingly crafted by Tom.  I make all of my pens in my studio by the sea, each one is made from solid copper or brass, hand turned, sanded and finished on my 60 year old Myford engineering lathe.

Each pen is hand made to order the current lead time approx 3-4 weeks

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  • Dimensions: Length 167-172mm, Diameter where fingers rest 9-8mm, Larger diameter behind finger area 12mm. Weighing in at 25g

  • Corian is a beautiful stone like material that is extremely hardwearing, water resistant and easy to maintain.

  • Includes gift packaging and numbered certificate of authenticity


With a bit of TLC your nib holder should last a very, very long time.  The metal on the holder has been waxed to reduce oxidisation. Over time the metal will age naturally, developing a richer, darker tone. You can choose to embrace this patina or to return it to it’s gleaming best by buffing with supplied polish and cloth cloth until super shiny again