Tom Pigeon x Tom's Studio

Tom Pigeon x Tom's Studio

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The Studio Pen allows you to write in your own way with it's unique design. Accepting a variety of different pen styles including brush pen, fountain pen, rollerball, fine liner, EF Pricipal and felt tip it's designed to be the only pen you'll ever need to own.

‘Shipwreck’ is a collection of three screenprints inspired by beachcombing - exploring the rhythm, colour and shapes of the natural and man-made objects washed up on the shores of the Scottish seaside.  I've admired Tom Pigeon and their stunning designs for a long time and saw their colourful prints as an opportunity to explore and push the limits of my hand cast resins.  Each Tom's Studio x Tom Pigeon pen is a completely unique interpretation of their prints. By taking a two dimensional artwork and turning it into a three dimensional product, it blurs the lines between art and craft and as a result is unlike any other pen you'll ever use. Please take care as this is a fragile pen.

Choose between a fountain pen attachment , multi-pen attachment or both. 

The fountain pen comes with an ink converter a Bock nib or EF Principal and a tip size of your choice (you can choose this after adding to your cart). The standard multi-pen attachment comes with a superb Ohto medium black ceramic rollerball.

Please add more of your favourites like the brush pens, coloured inks and fine-liners after adding to cart on my refills page.

This pen is made to order, lead time is approx 6 weeks.

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Each pen comes with a Tom's Studio solid ash and 100% wool felt topped box which acts as storage for all your accessories and a perfect place to keep your pen when you're not using it.

Each pen is approx 15cm long, 14mm at its widest point and a reassuring 50g - 60g in weight. Designed to be used without posting the cap when writing. The balance is perfectly placed between your fingers and the webbing of your hand.

The brass of the pen will age naturally patina over time, you can choose to keep this or polish it up to it's gleaming best. To keep your pen in tip top condition please visit my pen care page .  Marble pens aren't shatterproof so please take care not to drop them.