Solidwool - Studio Pen

Solidwool - Studio Pen

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Solidwool Studio Pen


Solidwool Is a new way of working with wool. It is a beautiful and unique composite material repurposing the stunning black wool from native Herdwick sheep. Think fibreglass, but with wool. Solidwool's focus on sustainability resonated with my own values as a designer, made from eco-resin and the renewable resource that is wool, it's a perfectly sustainable product.  To make the pen I fit solid brass components and hand turn, polish and burnish the dark black Solidwool on my 60 year old myford engineering lathe. Like my other Studio Pens it has 5 pen types in one beautifully weighted and turned body, it's been designed to be the only pen you'll ever need to own. 

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Choose between a fountain pen attachment, multiple pen attachment or both. 

The fountain pen comes with an ink converter and a bock nib and a tip size of your choice (you can choose this after adding to your cart). 

The multiple pen attachment comes with a superb ohto ceramic rollerball (you can choose your preferred tip size after adding to the cart.

Each pen is hand made to order the current lead time approx 6-7 weeks