Taking my experience of making nib holders for some of the world’s best calligraphers

and applying it to the first Tom’s Studio writing / drawing instrument...



With 5 pen types in one beautifully weighted and designed body I've designed it to be the only writing / drawing instrument you'll need to explore any creative pursuit.

I’ve tested countless pens to ensure the Studio Pen only uses the finest quality refills and nib types.

It seamlessly accepts, from the left:

- OHTO’s Fude Brush for effortless lettering from the highly respected Japanese pen manufacturer.

- Schmidt fineliner. The perfect refill for sketchbook scribbling or precise lines, it's spring loaded tip is up to any task.

- ‘Juicy’ German made Bock nibs that are the envy of any fountain pen user and come in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad.

- OHTO Ceramic Rollerball, Its silky glide over paper is hard to replicate.

- Pentel Gel are bright vibrant coloured refills which suit lettering sketching or just adding a bit of colour

"Design is not just what it looks like, it's how it works" Steve Jobs


The Studio Pen combines a blend of traditional techniques and hand-finishing with state of the art manufacture.

By using precision CNC lathes that are typically used to turn components for the aerospace industry and to make watch parts. It’s my intention to make highly functional and precise writing instruments with the ‘soul’ only achieved by the craftsperson.



After learning that BIC had sold it's 100 Billionth disposable ballpoint I wanted to design a pen that uses materials that are beautiful, enduring and with as little impact on the environment as possible. If the materials I use don’t meet all of these criteria I won’t use them.

The majority of the materials I use are made from manufacturing by-products, sustainable native timber or hand-cast eco-resin. It’s my job to unlock the beauty in these materials by turning and finishing them on my 60 year old lathe. It's my aim to create writing instruments you can feel proud of using everyday, and not just because they look good.


It’s a fine-art and at the core of all of my products.

There’s an unmistakable feel and a reassuring weight when using solid machined metals like brass and stainless steel. However it’s paramount that the pen is perfectly balanced in the hand. The nib should feel weightless on the page with the centre of gravity resting between the thumb and forefinger. This is why it's taken me over a year to perfect this Studio Pen.

"Beauty is the harmony of Function and Form" Alvar Aalto


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