Minimal Brass Holder


K I S S 'Keep It Simple Stupid'. This acronym was drummed into me at design school and was the inspiration when designing these holders. Made from beautifully minimal brass tube with a copper insert in the tail.  The copper acts as a counterbalance to the nib so you have more control and 'light as a feather' effortless upstrokes. They're the perfect bridge holder between a starter pen and my custom pens.

Add polish to keep your holder at it's gleaming best, and/or a solid brass pen rest for ultimate desk zen and no more inky splatters!

They measure 7mm diameter and 15cm long and come with a brass stitched gift box.

Oblique holders made to fit Nikko G nibs as standard but can be shaped by hand to fit most others, see my handy video here

Current lead time approx 3-4 weeks