Spalted Sycamore - Studio Pen


The Studio Pen allows you to write in your own way with it's unique design. Accepting a variety of different pen styles including brush pen, fountain pen, rollerball, calligraphy style EF nib, fine liner and felt tip it's designed to be the only pen you'll ever need to own.

This pen is made from Spalted Sycamore. Spalting is a natural marbling caused by a fungus, creating a totally unique pattern. I highly recommend listening to this podcast: which gives new meaning to how fungus and mycelium work in forests. A bit like the internet of the woods they create a network for trees to communicate and even support new saplings by sending them nutrients!

Choose between a fountain pen attachment , multi-pen attachment or use both attachments and refills in the same pen. 

The fountain pen comes with an ink converter a nib and a tip size of your choice. The standard multi-pen attachment comes with a superb Ohto medium black ceramic rollerball.

Please add more of your favourites like the brush pens, coloured inks and fine-liners after adding to cart on my refills page.

Current lead time 5-7 weeks.