Custom made writing Instruments

One of the reasons I started making writing instruments was that despite a person's writing being totally unique to them, the tool they used to express themselves was quite often generic or off the shelf.  By ordering a custom Tom's Studio pen we will work together to create a writing instrument that is completely unique to you.

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Start by choosing either a Studio Pen or Calligraphy Pen:

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Choose your Material.  It can be made from almost anything. Couples have inlayed gold from their wedding rings into Dorset Oak. It could be made with a branch or the blossom of your favourite tree or a material or colour palette which represents you. Styles from all my pens work perfectly as both a calligraphy or Studio Pen.

I'm always happy to discuss all of your creative ideas!

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Time to start making.  Once we've fleshed out all of your ideas and come to a final concept I'll start to make your pen.  I can also personalise your pen by inlaying a personal message.

Please Get in touch to chat through your custom pen design ideas and I look forward to hearing from you.