The Flourish Pen

The most versatile calligraphy pen ever...

"I love the way this holder feels and it’s a pencil lead and nib holder all in one!" 


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Make changing nibs a breeze with Flourish - The Universal Calligraphy Pen 

You can now park the pliers and say sayonara to screws. Instead all you need to do is place your favourite nib in the holder, twist and you’ll be back to flourishing in a flash!  

My unique design fits nibs as large as a Nikko G, all the way down to smaller nibs like the Brause 66EF, as well as the included HB 3.4mm pencil lead, so you can draft your creations before committing to ink.

As no two calligraphers are the same, I designed the pen so that you can easily customise the angle of the nib to suit your calligraphy style. I’ve also refined the balance of the pen so that the centre of gravity sits between your forefinger and your thumb joint, making it feel neither top nor bottom heavy.

Your calligraphy style is unique to you, so why shouldn’t your pen be too?  It’s the reason I dip dye each and every pen so they have their own totally unique characteristics.

I'm launching the Flourish Pen a little differently to previous products by launching a Kickstarter style campaign. This will help make the pen a reality by allowing me to produce a larger batch and in-turn give you a hand-finished calligraphy tool for the best price.

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