The Nibs

Flex (FREE GIFT)  - The Holy Grail, a fountain pen with a flexible nib! Just like a calligraphy nib, the thickness of line can be varied with a little pressure, so you can create beautiful thick and thin strokes. The nib comes untipped so that you can get the finest of fine stokes and up to 1.5mm of flex. It's a prototype so there are still some tweaks to be made but I'd be a fool to deny anyone all the glorious flexible fun you can have with it!

Fine - A springy and smooth nib perfect for delicate thin strokes with a smidge of flex if you're feeling creative.

Medium - The go to nib for the author, journaller or note-taker.  This is a firm and consistent nib for everyday writing.

Italic (Stub) - A classic italic nib which produces a thin line on the cross stroke and broad on the down stroke. It's fun for general writing and gives you the opportunity to practice italic calligraphy anytime!

Architect - This is the opposite of the Italic nib, with a broad cross stroke and a thin down stroke.  I personally love it, the effortless big juicy lines make it my go to for sketching and everyday use. 

The Balance

The Spark, can be used a couple of ways with different benefits. The cap can be posted (popped on the back of the pen). This changes the centre of gravity to the back of the pen, making the nib feel lighter on the page and allowing you to relax your grip and have more control on upstrokes when using the flex nib.  When the cap isn't posted the pen balance shifts forward and the nib feels more 'connected' with the page, this is perfect for detail illustration or general writing.

The Colours & Finish

Based on customer favourites, each pen is dip dyed by hand to create vivid and beautiful colours including my signature gradient.  The finish is bead blasted, giving it a good level of grip and beautiful satin sheen.

Sustainability & Manufacture

Designed to last a lifetime each pen is made from solid aluminium and brass using precision CNC lathes.