Ocean Blue Finetec Ink Palette


This is a gorgeous set of blue & green metallic tones. Made of mica, a natural mineral that offers a wide variety of metallic shades, from gold and silver to iridescent, shining pearl colours. In my opinion these inks are the best metallic colours on the market.

This set contains the following metallic colour tones:

Blue Pearl (Shimmer)

Green Pearl (Shimmer)

Blue Silver

Blue Green (Shimmer)

Moss Green

Midnight Blue

The pans can be replaced when they run out.

To use: simply dissolve with water and applied with a brush. Once the colour is the consistency that you’re happy with, simply paint onto the underside of your nib and you’re ready to go. They are perfect for creating special effects and highlights and are also ideally suited to all styles of calligraphy.

For the perfect colour result we recommend putting a few drops of water on the colour pan and letting it sit for a few minutes before using the colour.

These Pearl Colours are:

- ethically sourced

- light-fast and pigment-rich

- handmade in Germany

- vegan