Flourish Calligraphy Pen - Straight

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A little gem of a calligraphy pen! 

"So Beautiful, You make a fine pen Tom's Studio!"
Letters By Julia (Professional Calligrapher)

So many pens are made from cheap materials that look good but don't stand the test of time...I wanted to make a pen that did both.  The Flourish straight pen is machined from Solid Aluminium using lathes conventionally used to make watch parts (the long-lasting bit, no plastic here). They're then dip-dyed, lending them their own unique characteristics, and meaning your pen is truly yours (the good-looking bit).  I then fit them with Master Pen Maker Chris Yoke's stainless steel ferrule (not a speck of rust in sight!). The Flourish will also comfortably fit all nibs, from the biggest to the smallest.

The colour choices have increased two. I've kept the popular Pistachio, Blush and Ombré and included two more beauts with a new marbled finish - Deep Teal (my personal favourite) and Briar Rose. 

It's my hope that you'll be passing your pen down the generations, and that your grandchildren will get the same pleasure from using their Tom's Studio pen as you do.

Good to know & FAQs:

  • Every pen is machined from solid metals on a lathe used for making fine watch and aerospace grade components, so you can be sure your pen will write perfectly for years and years to come.

  • Measures 145mm x 10mm and weighs 22g.

  • Designed with the planet in mind. I’ve made sure that this pen is made from infinitely recyclable materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium, which are easily separated (no glue or un-recyclable plastics here).

  • Comes in a beautifully crafted gift box

  •  And because our each flourish pen has been dyed by hand, each and every one is as unique as you and your writing style!

  • Every Pen is dip dyed by hand so may have small speckles or colour variations; it's part of what makes your pen unique.
  • Nibs are sold separately and you can find them here

  • I have a superb range of inks to compliment your pen and you can find them here
  • This pen has a slightly different finish to the Flourish Oblique pen and is more matte rather than a satin finish.
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