Wildflower Calligraphy Pen - Lavender


Lavender and Brass

The freshly picked Spring batch of Wildflower holders have landed!  These one-of-a-kind calligraphy tools have been lovingly crafted by hand using local Dorset pressed wildflowers.  Each flower is placed in a mould and cast into a durable eco-resin, Tom then turns each pen by hand and polishes to a mirror finish. 

"I've refined and my holder design to be a writing experience like no other. The sculptural quality of the tail, isn't just for show, it creates a superb balance and feel in the hand."

Lovingly crafted by Tom.  I make all of my pens in my studio by the sea, each one is made from solid copper or brass, hand turned, sanded and finished on my 60 year old Myford engineering lathe.

Good to know:

  • Wildflowers can fade over time in direct sunlight so it's worth popping your holder in a draw or case after use.