Zero-Waste Copper Swarf


This holders body is made from the beautiful copper swarf* cast in water clear resin.  It's really important to me to waste as little as possible during the making process.  Fortunately the beauty of the copper swarf has made repurposing it very easy for me!

My oblique nib holder has a great balance in the hand and a lovely reassuring weight to it.  With a precisely fitted brass flange this holder will make your calligraphy feel effortless.

Lovingly crafted by Tom.  I make all of my pens in my studio by the sea, each one is made from solid copper, hand turned, sanded and finished on a 60 year old Myford engineering lathe.

*swarf is the name for the waste material that is removed when turning metal on a lathe.

Each pen is hand made to order the current lead time approx 6-7 weeks